Rental Third-Party Inventory Reports

Rental Third-Party Inventory Reports

Disputes are the last thing that landlords and tenants need when entering or leaving a rental property. Our service can give the landlord and tenant the required piece of mind.

We offer an inclusive impartial property (and fixture and fittings) condition report. The report is designed to alleviate disputes and to ensure that both parties know where they stand in respect of property damage and fair wear and tear. The Independent property inventory reports are available for start, mid-term and end.

We use the latest software packages to document the existing condition of the property and inventory. This service is useful to avoid claims of damage and to quickly resolve deposit disputes. These can be done at regular stages throughout ownership or tenancy. Please enquire for further details and service levels.

Why Get an Inventory Report

Our reports are useful for the following reasons:

  • Formal adjudication relies upon a recognised inventory report and will provide the requisite boundaries for both the landlord and tenant.
  • In cases where the inventory report is poor, incomplete or not carried out evidencing damage and the responsibility for that damage can be extremely difficult. The party that claims damage or loss has to produce evidence to substantiate their claim.
  • Although not a legal requirement, inventory checks are recommended by the relevant professional bodies.

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